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Blakell Europlacer
'World class technology, solutions and service'
Jaltek Systems have recently made a significant capital investment to up-grade our capabilities with the purchase of two complete new assembly lines.

The equipment, supplied by Blakell Europlacer, comprises of two lines. Both lines have a Speedprint stencil printer, TSM reflow, Eunil conveyors and a Europlacer iineo I. The second line also has an additional iineo II.

The iineo machine has a number of unique features including the fact that it can hold up to 264 x 8mm feeders,  handle boards up to 1m in length and each machine can also assemble PCBs with devices as small as 01005 and up to 50x50mm, including up to 34mm in height.

The 2 lines give Jaltek a theoretical capacity of around 70,000 components per hour, but more importantly they give us total compatibility between the ‘prototyping’ line and the main production line. Prototypes will be fine tuned on the iineo I line and can then be seamlessly transferred to the main production line. As the programs and feeders are 100% compatible, this offers our customers a secure means of product development to full production.

Blakell Europlacer is a well established supplier of pick and place equipment and stencil printers and have a solid reputation for successfully supplying many complete line solutions within the UK. For more information please visit their website -