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Working with you to realise your ideas; from concept to product
At Jaltek we’re proud of our Consumer Sector which encompasses a huge variety of customers. Our customers range from the incredibly talented team at Roli who are changing the face of music and created the first touch-responsive instrument; the multi award winning Seaboard RISE, to the innovators at Sinclair Fire who are revolutionising the standard fire alarm by using award winning technology to create a system that is smarter, faster and safer.

We are are also working with new company Snoozeal to develop and manufacture thier unique anti-snoring device, the first product on the market to address the causes of snoring rather than just the symptoms.

Whether you are an inventor, entrepreneur or established business we work with you to provide a seamless transition thorough the entire process from concept to final product. During the initial product development stages, we provide extensive consultancy and design services, as well as an unrivalled fast paced prototyping service that is vital to ensure market opportunity is never lost.

For more information on how we can help you realise your ideas and bring your groundbreaking products to market get in touch today.