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Design Competencies

'Over 26 years of experience'

Over the years Jaltek's design team have developed unrivalled design competencies; whether working on PCB’s for a space craft control system or simulating ethernet over 10 metres of flexi-rigid circuit board, their experience and attention to detail continues to benefit a wide and varied client base.

Jaltek's design team understand the differing needs and demands of individual market sectors, designing products ranging from a mass production application for a mobile phone to a product for a highly ruggedised environment such as an F1 car, the team recognise that each sector requires a unique and targeted approach.

Furthermore, often different PCB’s within the same device require different rules, a ‘Life Critical’ medical product might have a PSU board that requires large clearances around the mains and the employment of ‘Intrinsically Safe’ techniques to ensure compliance to the strict medical standards whilst the same piece of equipment carries a processor card that employs high speed interfaces requiring match length and impedance controlled tracking and board construction.

Jaltek's highly skilled design team recognise that every PCB in every product can be different and needs to be considered and designed on it’s own merits.