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Design Technology

'A constantly evolving environment that Jaltek continues to evolve with'

Design Technology is a continually changing environment and ensuring Jaltek's design team remain at the apex of their profession is paramount to our success. We use the latest and most capable software, ensuring compatibility with our clients.

Design Technology Software
• Cadence Allegro
         3 Systems, 5 Designers

• Mentor Pads Layout
          3 Systems, 5 Designers

• Altium Designer
          2 Systems, 3 Designers

• Mentor HyperLynx Si, Pi & Thermal
          2 Systems, 2 Engineers

Design Software
•        Industry Platform Standards
          •    PMC, XMC, VME & Compact PCI
          •    Advanced & MicroTCA, AMC (PICMG)
          •    VPX, PC104 & PC

•        Industry Interface Standards
          •    PCI, PCIe, PCIx, CANbus
          •    Serial I/O upto 10GHz
          •    Ethernet, USB, RS232/422/485

•        Bespoke Development Requirements
          •    Test/Evaluation Platforms
          •    Medical Applications
          •    High Speed FPGA/DSP Applications

•        Bare Board Complexities
          •     upto 24 layers Rigid & Flexi-rigid
          •     Multi Level Impedance Control
          •     Through, Blind, Buried & Micro Via
          •     HDI incl. Cu Filled Vias to improve SI