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Jaltek boost Speed, Control and Visibility

Jaltek Systems is in the final stages of implementing the full Manufacturing Execution System suite from Aegis Software. This powerful tracking and tracing toolset for the shopfloor gives them the ability to offer full traceability - right down to component batch level - for every assembly that is produced. It also allows them to track production quality and efficiencies in real time.

Zane Wall, Jaltek’s Engineering Manager, explained how this new system will benefit Jaltek’s customers; ‘for our customers, this new software means that we will be able to extend their existing product traceability history right back to bill of materials level, in an unbroken line. We will have the ability to interrogate production histories to the finest level of detail.’

Zane continued; ‘Our customers will also benefit from the systems closed loop tracking and quality data collection. Last minute component changes or assembly/test requirements can be fed to a current job on the line via Aegis, and implemented by individual serial number control. We are absolutely delighted with this new system and really excited about seeing it in action.’