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Jaltek commission New Manufacturing Equipment

Jaltek are excited to announce that they have expanded their manufacturing capability. They have recently commissioned the Tyco MEP 6-T Pressfit Connector Press. This machine allows them to assemble high pin-count, compliant pin connectors that require pressing into the PCB.

The press has a capacity of 6 tons, and is semi automatic with programmable pressing force. This allows assembly of all types of backplane style connectors, including DIN 41612 and the Hard Metric (HM) 2.0mm style.  The new press can also accommodate odd-form pressfit connectors, such as vertical BNC type, and bespoke shielding cans for RF applications.

Zane Wall, Jaltek’s Engineering Manager, explained that the programmable force/distance capability of this new machine means that just about any style of press fit pin connector can be assembled.