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Jaltek IDMS Supports Continued Growth With Significant New Capital Equipment Investments

Leading UK based end-to-end electronics design and manufacturing company, Jaltek IDMS has made significant investments in new equipment to support continued business growth.

Jaltek IDMS provides genuinely integrated electronic design and manufacturing services. In recognising that new electronic system design projects being undertaken by the company are pushing the barriers of production technology, Jaltek IDMS is ensuring that it stays at the forefront of specialist Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) provision by undertaking new investments in capital equipment.

Specifically, Jaltek IDMS has recently installed several new systems at its Luton based manufacturing facilities. These include a new vapour phase reflow system (Exmore VS500). Providing consistent repeatability and reproducibility, this system makes it possible to solder such disparate items as a 0.5 mm thick PCB and an 18-layer board simultaneously – ideal for low volume, high complexity prototyping. It’s ideal for highly complex boards using small BGA’s, CGA’s, chip on board and flip chips that can’t go through a standard infrared reflow oven with the same degree of control and repeatability. Of real importance to Jaltek IDMS, the use of this system is more environmentally friendly, using much less power and exhibiting low gas loss.

A new five axis X-ray inspection system (XTEC Revolution) to conduct 100% BGA and µBGA inspection, multilayer board inspection and PCB solder joint inspection has been installed. Also recently implemented is an additional SMT line (MyData My19) dedicated to producing prototypes. This line is very flexible, enabling fast change-over and is capable of placing passive components to size 01005 and 0.3 mm BGA and 0.1mm ball size. This line also allows the production of prototypes using strips and tubes of components rather than reels, resulting in a more cost effective materials solution.

The installation of a new stores carousel (Megamat) has also provided more compact storage space and has been essential in freeing up more space to meet the needs of business growth in “box build” manufacturing and assembly.

Pravin Sood, CEO of Jaltek Group commented: "These investments reflect the positive business growth being experienced by Jaltek IDMS, in particular enabling us to maximise our space utilisation and operational efficiencies as well as accommodating the increase in customers needing a professional outsource capability for the assembly of complete systems”.

These investments are just a part of an ongoing investment programme being undertaken over the coming year and are all being funded from operational cash flow.