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L-3 Link and Jaltek Systems sign Long Term Agreement

Following lengthy negotiations, L-3 Link Simulation & Training UK Ltd (“L-3 Link”) and Jaltek Systems Ltd (“Jaltek”) are pleased to announce the signing of a Long-Term Agreement securing modular supply to L-3 Link’s Reality 7 Simulators.

Post-signing, Paul Arnold, L-3 Link Supply Chain Director commended both the L-3 Link and Jaltek team’s for their excellent work in developing an innovative and robust agreement which would enable Jaltek to support L-3 Link’s cost down strategies throughout the duration of the agreement.

Derek Williams, Jaltek Director of Major Accounts, emphasised the importance of developing enhanced and sustainable Long-Term Supply Agreements to deliver mutual supply chain benefits to both customer and supplier. Derek went on to note that the completion of the LTA was a culmination of extremely diligent work between the L-3 Link and Jaltek teams over a 6 month period.