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Let outsourcing take the strain of investment

One of the benefits of outsourcing manufacturing is that it removes the need to invest in expensive capital equipment. Jaltek offers to do that for you by constantly upgrading its capabilities.

To provide customers with the most up to date, efficient and cost effective solutions, Jaltek’s technology line-up includes surface mount equipment for volume production and a dedicated new product introduction line, all supplied by Blakell Europlacer. Iineo+ is a multifunction SMT pick and place platform designed to provide the highest level of flexibility. Furthermore the ‘prototyping’ line and the main production lines are completely compatible allowing prototypes to seamlessly transfer to the main production lines.

Jaltek continues to invest in test and inspection processes. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is used in addition to x-ray to check component placement. The AOI has advanced optics with 3D imaging guaranteeing high levels of product quality and reliability. Investment plans for 2020 include additional Test, AOI and x-ray capability and a new Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system.

Managing Director, Steve Pittom, noted: “We invest in our people as well as our equipment. Our in-house training ensures all employees work to the industry’s highest standards as per the Institute of Printed Circuit, and we have recently taken on additional people to support growing activity in a number of areas including; Design, Engineering, Project Management and NPI activity. We are always working with the team to minimise waste and improve communication, in turn maximising our customers value and satisfaction.”

Business Manager, Steve Blythe, added: “2019 has been another good year, working on exciting products with new and existing customers. We have continued to increase our Design, Engineering and Production capabilities in line with the increasing needs of our customers and have even equipped two dedicated manufacturing rooms to support the assembly requirements of 2 of our turnkey customers. As our business grows we are committed to constantly improving our equipment and capacity to ensure we always deliver our customers the highest service.”